Our Little Pumpkin Is 10 Months!

I have a question for the moms out there; Do you ever forget you are a mom? Then all the sudden you have a moment where you see yourself from an outside perspective, and you’re like, “OMG, I am a mom! Like a stereotypical, the ones portrayed on movies, the ones you made fun of when you were a teen, MOM.”

I have these moments somewhat often. Today was one for the books. Layla has like 100 teeth coming in, so she hasn’t been sleeping well. We also just moved her to her crib, so we haven’t been sleeping well either. I woke up after a horrible nights sleep to Layla crying at 5:45 am. I do what I always do and pick her up and bring her into our bed, to get that last hour of sleep in. This morning she was terrified. I couldn’t calm her down, only dad could, (also a new thing. Total Daddy’s girl). So sleep was out of the question after the tantrum.

Typically I wake up, put on my yoga clothes, make breakfast and coffee and start our day with a walk. Today I rolled out of bed in my Christmas pajamas, (no it is not too early), and put some frozen waffles in the toaster. As I sat there half awake, eating a frozen waffle in my pajamas, dreaming about napping when she naps, I realized….I am a mom. It almost felt like I was in a movie. A movie like Tully. By the way, do not recommend that movie. It was pretty boring. But if you’ve seen it, or the previews, then you get the idea.

So you know what I did? I napped when Layla napped. I didn’t clean the house, make her food, do laundry, work, I napped. I woke up a new woman! And probably a better mom. I took a shower, gave Layla a bath. Made her a snack and did this photo shoot! Then we went to Home Goods for some retail therapy, where I embraced my inner basic b**** and bough a pumpkin spice candle. Which is burning as I write this.

Oh, I almost forgot the Layla update. Well…..she has lots of teeth. Loves to dance, and hopefully inherits her mom’s moves. She eats pretty much anything we give her, loves avocado! And she had an amazing 1st vacation to Florida last week. She seems bigger than most toddlers, but that’s why we love her. Our little pumpkin baby!

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