Layla Is 9 Months….And Mom Is Tired

I remember when I was pregnant, and feeling crafty. I ordered this sparkly paint and foam numbers, so that each month she would have a fun pink number to proudly display for the camera. Once she was born, I also wanted one of those fun letter boards so I can write witty messages next to her. I’d plan out her outfit and the photo location. I’d test the lighting. Bath her and brush her hair. Make sure everything was perfect.

This month, I put her in a hand me down. Called in my husband to make sure she doesn’t fall off the changing table, so I could snap a few photos. No new or well thought out outfit. No bath. No letter board. No light test. Just my slightly dirty baby, laughing hysterically while I take photos of her, where I change her dirty diapers.

Growing up there were always so many baby photos of my older sister, and not as many of me. My mom is this amazing photographer, and everything is a competition with siblings, so of course I was upset. When I would ask my mom why, I would always get the same response, “By the time we had you, I was too tired to take photos.”.

Mom, if you are reading this, I get it now. Except I pooped out before the second child!

Even though I may not have planned out this month’s photo shoot as thoroughly as in the past, I’d say Layla gave me some great photos! She is such a happy baby. She goes to daycare at my yoga studio about 4 times a week, (and cries the first couple minutes before playing with the other kids). She has 2 top teeth coming in, for a total of 4. And we are taking her on a plane to Florida next week!

So, that is the update on Layla. As for mom…..she is tired.

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