8 Months With Chunky Thighs!

Layla turned 8 months….a few days ago. Yes, once again my post is late because, well, being a mom is very time consuming!

It’s so funny, everywhere we go people are always commenting on her chunky thighs. Which, if someone said to me, would not produce the same response, as when you say it to my baby. I mean, if chunky thighs were cute on adults, then I would be killing it!!

Layla started crawling, and wants to climb on everything! Mostly just mom and dad actually, but she will try other things if we are not around. I think she will start walking soon, which I’m told is not something to look forward to. “Just push her down”, was some of the advice I have heard. As much as I know I will regret it, I cannot wait for to start walking!

She talks in mumbles and clicks and clacks. People in the grocery store probably think our family has made up their own language….or just that I am crazy. But she seems to like the click clack speak, so I’ll look crazy in public for her smiles.

Mom is still trying to lose weight. I really wish I could be like, “my body produced a human and for that I love this body!”. And there is part of me that things that. Then there is this other part of me that hates putting on clothes. I change 15 times before we go anywhere, and always end up wearing the same outfit that I have worn 10 times before, because that is what I feel comfortable in at the moment. I want to be uplifting to women, but I also want to be honest. I don’t let my weight insecurities stop me from living life, and enjoying my time with my baby. But I’m also not to going to pretend that I am so above being insecure. That I am such an inspirational, and positive person, that I don’t notice how my clothes fit differently. The struggle is f****** REAL!

So on that note, any suggestions for cute one piece bathing suits?

And here is Layla, living her best life, chunky thighs and all!

When Dad comes home in the middle of our photo shoot


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