My Review On The “MOM Dream Box”

Recently I started following MOM, (Moms On Maternity) on Instagram. One, because I’ve been on an extended maternity leave, (I just started working again. announcement coming soon), and two, because the founder is from San Diego! So, of course I wanted to support! This mom community seems to always has fun events. That just happen to include some of my favorite things; shopping, wine, and yoga. Did I mention wine?

This week they sent me the “Dream Box”. This box was created to help moms remember to take care of themselves. It’s easy to forget ourselves in the day to day hustle of being a mom. But seriously, if we don’t feel good, then our baby won’t either. And it’s filled with things that I will literally use every day!

My workouts are now primarily outside so that I can bring baby. The box includes a super cute “Mom Life” trucker hat, and a MOM tank. Perfect for my workouts! And then one of my favorite items, the Coola Guava Mango spray sunscreen. It smells like I am on a tropical vacation, and since it’s organic, I can use it on baby, (now that she is over 6 months).

Before my workout, I tried the Good Lovin’ bar, which is organic, non-GMO, paleo and really good! It was perfect along side the Elevate Smart Coffee stick. They both kept me going for hours! But what is “smart coffee” you ask? When I go to their website I see that this instant coffee burns body fat, and other things. I stopped reading after that…sold! Kidding, it also said it boost memory, increase energy, curb cravings, and some other really cool selling points. I may need to order some more.

Speaking of body fat, the box also includes a code to Julie Tupler’s Lose Your Mummy Tummy streaming video. Julie has been helping woman for years feel better with her medically proven Tupler Technique®. I haven’t had much free time this week, but I was able to try the video once….and I know if I stick with this I will see results. My dream of wearing a bikini again may actually happen!

It has been so insanely hot lately, that all I have been craving is iced tea. And beer, but at 10am it’s frowned upon. So, I’ve been making a lot of iced tea. But it’s hard to find caffeine free tea, which is why I really like the BOS Organic Iced Tea. It’s caffeine free, made with natural flavors, and is so refreshing! I tried the Berry Flavored tea, and it was not too sweet. It was a great mid day treat!

And there is one thing in here for your baby. But it’s so cute that it’s also for you! It includes this super cute pink pig loofah, which Layla loves and makes bath time so fun! The Healthy Times tear free Shampoo & Wash, and the hypoallergenic soothing lotion smell so good, and left Layla feeling soft.

The last item in here is really special. It’s a mini book, where you can reflect on your dreams. There’s one question that I really like, “What activities would you love to get your baby or kids involved in during the next year? How about 5 years?”. Life goes by so fast. This gets me to think about the future I what I want for my child, and holds me accountable. Love it.

This box was such a treat for me. Layla is my world, and I love it. But even on my birthday, I went shopping and bought her something at Zara instead of myself! This box let me do things for me. Little treats on a daily basis that make me happy. Loved it!

The box is a total value of over $130.00, and cost $59.99. Don’t forget to use my code for $5 off your order. “motherhoodandwine5”

Click here to purchase the Dream Box


*I was sent the MOM Dream box complimentary, but my reviews are my own. I was not paid for this post. Trust that I will always shoot it to you straight!



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