7 Months, Loving Summer…And Food!

As I wrote in my previous post, Layla has been on formula for a few months now. But she is also eating solids. And as our doctor said, “she must be storing food in her thighs”. Looks like she’s taking after mama, because her butt and thighs have exploded! Luckily for her, chunky babies are adorable. Live it up Layla! It’s not cute after 20. Kidding. Kind of.

She’s so close to crawling! And once she does, I know she’s going to lean right out, so I’m letting her eat as much as she wants! She gets so excited for real food. We eat breakfast together every morning. I eat yogurt and fruit, and she eats quinoa and fruit. It’s kind of my favorite part of the day. She also loves eating dinner with us. Which is why I’m so happy I asked for the Baby Bullet on my registry. It’s so easy to just blend up whatever we are eating. She still prefers plain food, but it’s fun to give her a taste of different foods. The bullet has made making baby food so easy and fun!

Layla is also loving her kiddie pool! It looks like we have a water baby on our hands. Yay! I’ve bought her some new toys, but she just sticks them in her mouth. That’s all she wants to do with everything still.

And mom (me) went to Mexico with the girls! No baby. No husband. Just the girls, tequila, wine, and a biker convention. It was a little loud with all of the Harley’s cruising around Rosarita Beach, but it was a much needed break! We ate tacos, drank tequila and danced for hours! Then we classed it up a bit, and visited a winery in Valle De Guadalupe. And then we drank wine….lots and lots of delicious wine!

Of course I missed baby. However, I have been feeling that I may be experiencing slight postpartum. This trip was exactly what I needed to hit the reset button. It gave me the opportunity to be me. Not mom, me.

Summer has been fun so far! Beach, pool, bbq and time with family! I just wish it was cute for mom to have chubby thighs.

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