Half Way There!

Layla is 6 months! As of yesterday, but mom is sick, so we were a little late in posting this. Everyone tells me that making it through the first year is a huge milestone, and we are halfway there!!!

She is still rolling around everywhere. I can’t wait for her to start crawling, walking and talking! I know, I know. It gets more difficult, and I will spend my days chasing her around. But how fun will it be to watch her learn these things!

Or when she says her first cuss word?! And we all stop, because we’re not sure if it’s okay to laugh. But it’s funny!! Come one….you know it is. Can not wait.

She loves eating solids! Spinach seems to be her favorite. So, definitely does not take after mom in that department. She also loves splashing around in her kiddie pool! Definitely her mother’s daughter. I still love a good kiddie pool.

And she has 2 teeth coming in! Two!

And as always here are her photos. Or photo. I’m sick! Sorry, I’ll do better next month.

Layla’s Onsie

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