5 Months: Eating Solids….And Formula

Well, lets get to straight to it. Layla is now on formula. I felt that my supply had gone down. That she wasn’t getting bigger. I ignored my inner voice and listened to what I wanted to hear. Google, and other moms said she was fine. But I knew better. So I finally asked her Doctor.

The Doctor said to start supplementing her meals with formula. To not look at this as a negative thing, but as mom’s helper. So that’s what we did. We alternated between me and formula for her feedings. It was going so well in the beginning! But within 2 weeks I just dried up. It was crazy!

I never thought I would say this, but I miss breastfeeding. It was demanding, and at times inconvenient. But now I see that it is actually easier. And the bonding. The bonding is really what I miss. Although, looking back, I may not have tried as hard as I should have.

“Should have”. That’s an interesting perspective. Do we, as moms, expect too much of ourselves? Hold ourselves to an unreachable standard? To society’s standard?

It’s hard not to beat yourself up about it. It’s like there is a stigma about formula fed babies. Like I have to tell my story to other moms, when they see me make her bottle. That I tried, but my body failed me. I didn’t fail me child. But why?! So yes, my baby is formula fed. And truth be told, I probably could have tried harder but I didn’t. But at the end of the day, my baby is fed, gaining weight like a champ, and is super happy.

Ok, onto the fun stuff! Layla is loving eating solids! She gulps down butternut squash like mom chugs her wine! We have already given her some high risk foods , like peanut butter and strawberries. The doctor said to also just blend up whatever we eat. This way she is introduced to new flavors, and will be open to all kinds of foods when she gets older. The Magic Bullet Baby makes this very easy to do! Super excited to blend up some shrimp cocktail! Haha! That sounds horrible. Poor baby.

Fun fact: If you carry the allergy gene, that can be passed down to your child. However, you may be allergic to eggs, and your kid could be allergic to cantaloupe. It doesn’t matter what you are allergic to, just that you have the capacity to  be allergic to foods. At least that is what our Pediatrician told us.

Oh and formula poops are no joke! I’m talking blow out city! Car seats are no match for this poop. It’s terrifying. And now we added solids….so that has been fun.

And here she is. In her cutest summer outfits!

yes…that is spit up. There is no avoiding it

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Tank and Shorts

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  1. I agree, so much stigma over formula! I’m currently supplementing my 6 week old twins with formula and I find it really convenient to feed them bottles when we’re out (or one of them and nurse one if we’ll be gone a while), and they’re totally happy and growing. Yet I still feel weird sometimes about it and it’s not because I care that they’re getting some formula it’s because society has really pounded the breast is best campaign into our heads so that if it’s not possible for us to do it we feel defeated and like our bodies are failing us.

    Thanks for sharing that you’re using formula and why. Nothing to be ashamed about! Glad you listened to your gut too!

    1. I totally agree with you! But good for you for doing what is right for you babies. And a big Congratulations!! Twins cannot be easy, but it sounds like you are doing great. xo

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