Palazzo Pants For The Win! Discovering What Works With My Post Baby Body

So I haven’t lost my baby weight yet. Whomp whomp. But the good news is, this means I need new clothes!

I used to know exactly what would look good on me, and what wouldn’t. But now I need to get to know my new body. What I do know is that I do not like my mid section. Like most moms, (or any woman over the age of 18), my stomach is not my favorite body part.

I used to always have a natural curve, but now I seem to be straight up and down, with a darn pooch. Flowy tops for the win! But what do I wear on the bottom? Jeans are very expensive, and I’m hoping I change sizes eventually.

Luckily, palazzo pants are in style!! They are super comfortable and forgiving in all the right places. You can dress them up, or dress them down. Palazzo pants feel like you are wearing your pajamas, all while looking oh so stylish.

So my go to style right now, is flowy tops and palazzo pants! And because I don’t find it fun to shop with an infant, Amazon is my go to store!

This is the outfit I wore for Mother’s Day. The wide pant leg makes your waist appear smaller….woo hoo!

Pants: Less than $20! I bought a size 8/10.

Top: Less than $25! I bought a size Medium

I just paired this with some Sanuk flip flops. But this would also look great with wedges or sliders.

This next outfit is perfect for your summer vacation! I live in San Diego, so I’m always in vaca mode and love ANYTHING that is tropical print.

Pants: Less than $30! I bought a size Medium. They are thin material with a built in short underneath, and slits on the sides.

Top: Same top as the white one. When I find something I like, I buy in multiple colors.

I love the slit on the sides!

I am utterly obsessed with this purse! I got mine from the Kate Spade outlet. I just did a search, and it looks like they only have them on Ebay now. It really took my tropical obsession to new levels.

Which also pairs well with this parrot bangle. And I love a good chunky watch.

Also, these Michael Kors jelly sandals are so cute and comfy!

Let’s talk hair real quick. If you do not own a wand, I highly suggest it! I absolutely love mine. It gives me that fun beach wave that a curling iron just couldn’t do.

Happy Summer Friends!! Don’t forget to hydrate with lots of wine! And if it’s hot out, it is perfectly acceptable to throw some ice cubes in your white wine.

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