11 Summer Essentials For Baby

Summer is almost here! Since this is our first Summer with a baby, I really need to load up on our gear! I now understand the need for mini vans. I will still NEVER own one, but I get it. Kids require a ton of stuff! So I thought it would be helpful to put together a guide of what may be needed for all of you new moms out there! Or any parent who is just looking to refresh their summer gear.

We live in San Diego, so beach days are what we do on the weekends. We also enjoy just hanging out in our backyard, bbq’n with friends and family, and hanging out in our pool! Which brings me to the first baby summer essential.

1. Kiddie Pool: – Did you think I had a real pool?! My daughter is only 5 months old, so I needed one that is big enough for her and I. She loves splashing around in it!

Or if your child is older and crawl or walk around, maybe try something with shade, for just them.

Or if you want to be a really cool mom…..

2. Sunscreen: This is a must! Doctors do recommend that children be at least 6 months of age before using sunscreen. If not using sunscreen, stay out of direct sunlight. I say, if using sunscreen, use non toxic.


and for the face

or non toxic and organic

3. Hat: Not only do kids look super cute in hats! They also help protect their sweet sweet skin from the harsh sun! I like hats that also help protect with a built in SPF factor. This one is unisex, and comes in different sizes. And it has pineapples on it, so there’s that.

4. Sunglasses: Ok, maybe these aren’t super necessary if you have a hat. But again, have you seen kids in sunglasses?!

Ok, maybe I’m biased. But we found these adorable glasses, and she doesn’t throw them off of her head. And they are polarized!

5. Bathing Suit: Since we are on the topic of baby fashion…..I love all the cute baby suits! Again though, I do like to find suits with SPF.


Suits with rash guard are also great

And then there was this time, where I didn’t get the suit with the SPF….I got us matching suits instead! I couldn’t help it.

Baby’s Suit with Hat      Mom’s Suit

Unicorn Pool


6. Tent: I always swore I would never be those people at the beach with a tent. But if you have a child, this is kind of a must. I mean, my baby sleeps most of the day still, so I’m hoping she will nap in here. I know my niece did!

This one has SPF protection, easily closes to make carrying a breeze….and has a little hole to make a pool for baby! Sold!

7. Beach/Picnic Mat: This mat is perfect for any of your outdoor activities! It’s thick so baby can roll around comfortably on it.It has fleece on top, and a windbreaker material on the bottom, with a foam cushion in the middle. Great for the whole family to lounge on at the beach, or the park! Just toss it in your car so you are always ready for an outdoor adventure!

8. Umbrella: Yes, I am literally going to the beach with a tent, and a blanket with an umbrella. It may seem like a lot, but the baby needs to have space to play!

9. Cooler: Kids need to eat…A LOT! Whether you are nursing, formula, or feeding solids, a cooler is essential. So why not make it fun?!

10. Ice Packs: I always like to throw a few of these in the cooler. Especially if I’m transporting breast milk, AKA liquid gold.

11. Wagon: Well how else did you think you were getting all of this down to the beach?! Depending on how many kids you have, you may be able to carry your items down to the beach yourself. But I’m going to guess the wagon is much easier. I’m pushing the easy button.

Maybe I will need that mini van after all….

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