4 Months And Rolling!

Lots of changes this month! Layla went from hating tummy time to rolling all over the place. She can’t roll back over yet, but she’s getting there. She was napping in her bassinet a few weeks ago, in a swaddle, and I heard her screaming. We ran back there, and she had rolled over. Super scary!

So, I immediately ordered a sleepsack, and put away the bassinet. Now what? Do I put her in the crib? Am I going to be able to sleep at night? The answer is no. So we decided to put the Pack And Play in our room. She is loving it! She is sleeping on her tummy, which terrifies me, but she seems happy, so I’m getting more comfortable with it.

I will say that the sleepsack was a nice transition. I didn’t think it was that important, until one night I didn’t put her in it. Not a good night! It definitely comforts the baby, like the swaddle does.

I started taking Stroller Stride classes, where you work out with baby.  We sing songs to the kids while we work on our arms, and apparently sometimes there are mimosas after class. I found my people! #momsohard

Speaking of mommin’ so hard. I bought my first one piece bathing suit. Hopefully I can drop the lbs, so I can get back into my bikinis. But until then I have a cute back up.

And here is Layla, in a hand me down romper that may be a little too big for her. But it was just so cute!!

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