Need A New Profile Pic? Come To The Flower Fields At Carlsbad Ranch

Last weekend a group of girls and I went to the Flower Fields for some social media pictures. Let’s call a spade a spade. Are there other reasons to go? Maybe you really like flowers. We, like many other people there, were simply there for the photo op.

The admission was $16 for Adults. The fields are absolutely beautiful! You step in and there are rows and rows of this hybrid flower, in all different colors. At each row, there are insets where you can take a picture. People line up to sit on a bench, or a tractor, or just stand next to their favorite color flower.

People will take your photo for you, if you ask nicely. And you may need to return the favor. I also saw a couple set up a tripod. I assume they were doing some engagement photos or something along those lines. Genius!

The weather was pretty chilly, and overcast, as Carlsbad often is. Although overcast can make for some great lighting. The Flower Fields are very family friendly. Equipped with kettle corn stands and a little playground. I brought my stroller and attempted to get some shots with Layla. But she wasn’t really having it. With so much to look at and take in, she wasn’t up for smiling on command.

I would definitely come back when she is a little older, and try to get some nice photos. It’s definitely worth checking out, and snapping some new profile pics!


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