Rain In San Diego?! A List Of Family Friendly Rain Proof Activities

Why is it that anytime someone from a cold or rainy area comes to San Diego, it’s cold and rainy here. In a typically sunny city, finding something to do in cold weather can be hard. I’m writing this because my old roommate from San Francisco reached out to me today, and asked what can they do here with a toddler, in the rain. Luckily, when it does rain in San Diego, it generally does not last all day. So it may not be the sunshine you expected, but the drizzle will pass.

Still, the beach plans you had may be out. So what now? Before child, this wouldn’t be a problem. There are plenty of bars to hole up in and watch the usually busy city, turn into a ghost town. But now I need to be creative!

So here are some suggestions that I came up with. As a local, I would do all of these! I hope this helps for anyone visiting or for locals who are just bored and want something new to do.

1. La Jolla: This upscale beach town is famous for the seals and sea lions. The beautiful cliffs are bustling with the mammals, and kids and adults all love to watch them play in the water. On nice days, you can snorkel and kayak along side them. If it does get too cold, or start to rain, then you can go into the famous Birch Aquarium. The beautiful streets of La Jolla are also lined with restaurants with ocean views, art galleries, and shops like Kate Spade and local boutiques. Fun fact,Dr. Seuss lived in La Jolla and it provided a lot of inspiration for his books. Check out a fun article here. There is even a Dr. Seuss gallery.

Photo courtesy of Scripps Media, Inc.

2. Balboa Park: This park is filled with interesting museums, Japanese Friendship Garden, Botanical Building, koi ponds, and of course, a few restaurants. We like to eat in this city! Check out what is happening now, here.

Photo by Chris Jennewein

3. Liberty Public Market: Located in Liberty Station, which was once a Naval Training Center, Liberty Public Market is now home to food stands, restaurants and unique shops. You can walk around with a drink in hand, sampling anything from oysters to ice cream. You can shop for hand made jewelry, dog clothes or cured meats. There is something for everyone!

Photo courtesy of sdnews.com

4. Encinitas: Still want to go to the beach? I don’t blame you! Located in North County and home to beautiful coastlines! This is what I think of when I think of “beach town”. Everyone there looks like they just got done surfing, and is on the way to chow down on their breakfast burrito while staring at the waves. You wouldn’t guess it, but those surfers are probably quite wealthy, as the “cottages” you see, are easily over $1 million. So of course, there are trendy boutiques and delicious restaurants that line the main street of South Coast Highway 101. My stops when I come here are; Philz Coffee, (all my Bay Area people know what this is about! #bestcoffeeever), Bier Garden for brunch, and then cruising the street and popping in some shops like Caravan West. You can walk down to Moonlight Beach, or as the locals call it, “G-Strings on D Street”. Use your imagination.

The Shops at Pacific Station Encinitas California for Colliers International Commercial Property Photography San Diego Andrew Abouna

There are so many things you can do in between the drizzles, but these are just a few of my suggestions. Hope you enjoy exploring America’s Finest City!

*I was not paid for any recommendations.

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