Layla Is 3 Months And Ready To Flamingle!

Layla is 3 months! 12 weeks and 6 days to be exact, but who’s counting. I feel like she is growing so fast! Yet, it feels like it has been much longer. I know I say this every month. But seriously, how has it only been 3 months?!

Last month Layla found her hands. Those hands have been shoved in her mouth for the last 2 weeks, along with anything else she can get her hands on. Why? Because apparently she is teething. I literally had no idea it could happen this soon! So not only is she the Spit Up Queen, we can now add drooling to her specialties. Our washing machine is getting worked.

Another unexpected milestone….she laughed!!! I need to tell the story behind this incredible moment. Our poor baby was constipated so we gave her a hot bath. And she pooped in it. So we obviously needed to re-bath her. I took her out and had her on the changing table while Eric cleaned the bath tub and got it ready again. Layla is obsessed with the mobile above her changing table. We’re playing and smiling as we do multiple times a day, and then she lets out a laugh. Did I just hear what I think I heard? And again, and again. A big ol’ belly laugh! “Babe are you hearing this?!” I scream to my husband. He comes running in with his phone to try and video it, but she was done. And she hasn’t done it since. Whomp whomp.

Another big thing that happened is that I have decided not to go back to work, and stay home with Layla instead. I open up about this very difficult decision in an upcoming blog post. The suspense!!

As always, cute baby pics are below! xo



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