Got Milk? If Not, Make These Overnight Lactation Oats

I remember coming home with Layla, and having somewhat of a difficult time breastfeeding. The lactation specialists that I saw in the hospital had given me conflicting advice. It was a lot to take in. My sister came over and said, “fold your boob like a taco, and shove it in the baby’s mouth”. This, of course, was completely opposite from what the specialist instructed me to do. But guess what, it worked! She was eating like a champ, gaining twice as much as what was expected.

But now I’m afraid that my supply is running very low. I made the lactation cookies and drank the tea. I did notice a difference, but eating cookies everyday isn’t exactly helpful for my weight loss.

I needed to figure something else out. As difficult as breastfeeding is, it is very important to me. I’m not ready to give up yet. So I came up with a healthier recipe that will help with my production. Overnight oats! Which I eat with my tea, and I have really noticed a difference. Also, water. Lots of water!

Overnight oats are perfect because they are a quick and easy breakfast. Which is necessary for me, as I was finding it very difficult to make time for breakfast. The oats, flaxseed and yeast all help with milk production.

This recipe is for 5 servings, and can last in the fridge for 5 days. I used a 32 oz mason jar, but you can use tupperware as well.

Ready for this super simple recipe that will help with your milk production?

Place all the ingredients, (oats, yeast, flaxseed, nut butter, cinnamon and almond milk), in an air tight container.

Mix the ingredients together well. Chill overnight in the fridge.

In the morning, spoon out 1/5 of the mixture into a bowl. You can eat it cold, which just doesn’t seem right to me. I prefer to heat it up in the microwave for a minute. I then top it with blueberries or strawberries. You can also top with a banana, sliced almonds….the possibilities are endless!

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