It Feels Much Longer, But The Calendar Says Layla Is Two Months Old!

Layla is 2 months! Everyone says they grow up fast, and now I see why. She has changed so much already. Her hair is lighter, her eyes bigger, and she has learned how to smile! Which, I must say is the best thing ever. She has also learned that she has hands, and that they can go in her mouth. Next up, her feet!

Layla seems like a really happy baby. She smiles at us all the time, in between naps and crying of course. I mean she isn’t perfect. She also mimics us with fun little squirrel noises, and tries to roll her tongue. She is able to grab onto things like a rattle, and her pacifier, which she then throws across her basinet and then cries for it back, so that’s always a fun game.

Mom, (that’s me), is doing great! I work out pretty much every day. I like to walk with other moms, and talk about our babies. Because let’s face it, no one else thinks these stories are entertaining. I also started doing hot yoga again. And my new yoga mat is amazing! It’s thick enough so my knees don’t hurt and the built in towel works perfectly for hot yoga.

Dad is doing great as well.  He is focusing on his real estate career, and finding new songs to sing to Layla. When he feeds her the bottle at night, (she will sleep 7 hours if we give her a bottle before bed…yay!), he usually will ask me for water, as I do when I feed her. Not sure if he is actually thirsty, or just getting into character.

We both feel that parenting gets easier and easier by the day. We started taking her out, and she does great. We grab drinks and food with friends, walk around the beach, go for coffee, and for the most part she just sleeps. When she does wake up, she takes in all the sights and sounds. We have learned that she can be over stimulated by this, so we try to limit how much time we are out each day, because nothing ruins a great day out like a screaming baby at home.

There is a part of me that loves watching her grow and learn, and can’t wait until she can walk and talk! Then there is this other part of me, that doesn’t want her to grow up. All in all, I think we have this parenting thing down pretty well. And Layla, has the cute baby thing down perfectly. Proof is below.

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