Layla’s 1st Valentine’s Day

My husband asked Layla to be his Valentine. I’m pretty sure I heard a yes, or some sort of squirrel noise, come out of her. To commemorate this event, I asked my husband to do a quick photo shoot with Layla this morning. He said no.

Why would he say no? Well last night my husband and my brother in law went to a death metal concert, and jumped around in a mosh pit. If you know my husband, you are probably asking yourself how he ended up there. See, my husband listens to indie rock, Elvis Presley, and the occasional Chromeo, (thanks to my influence), so this isn’t his normal crowd. They are also in their 30’s and maybe should retire from the mosh pit. But they went, drank beer and tequila, (it was on special so they had to!), and got knocked around by a bunch of 20 year olds. So let’s just say he isn’t feeling so hot this morning.

But I made him get Layla dressed and jump in a few photos with her. You can’t even see the tequila oozing out of him. Thanks babe! He’s such a good sport.

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