Happy 1 Month Layla! We survived 30 days….

That’s right, it’s been a month since I gave birth to this little human. It’s also been a month since I showered without hearing a baby cry as soon as I get out. It’s been a month since I ate a meal in peace, instead of shoveling it in my mouth in an effort to hurry and feed another human that is not myself. It has been a month since I have cared what I look like. It has been a month since I smelled like coconut shea butter lotion, and not baby spit up.

This month has felt like 3 months. Mostly because majority of the month, I was healing and unable to do much, or even drive. Now that I have been cleared to drive, I broke out and went to to Trader Joe’s! The baby was asleep, husband was home, so I made a run for it! I blasted some Cardi B, rolled my windows down, and for a moment, felt like myself. Once inside the store, I tried to leisurely look around. But let’s face it, I checked my phone a few times, grabbed random things off the shelf, before bolting back to feed my little milk monster. But it felt great to get out and be an adult in the real world again.

Now, I am in no way complaining. I am really enjoying being a mom. Sure, it has it’s ups and downs. Ups, I can have a beer with lunch, (this was frowned upon at my corporate job). Downs, she cries sometimes for no apparent reason, and loudly, like really really loud. Everyday is different. What she liked yesterday, she will despise today. We are both learning. She is learning how to poop without having to grunt and squirm, ( I looked it up and it is normal. I was very worried for a minute). I am learning how to keep my arm where it is, even if it is numb, because she has finally fallen asleep and I am not waking her up.

Ok, enough about me. Here are some cute baby photos. I took these myself, so they are not the best, but they are free! For photo tips, go to my previous blog post.


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