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You’ve given birth. You have been preparing for baby’s arrival for what seems like forever. You are overly prepared! But are you? I was ready for baby, but I didn’t think about myself. The things that I would need for my transition from pregnant, to mommy. So here is a list of items that I found to be very helpful.

1. Disposable UnderwearWhether you have a cesarian or vaginal birth, you will need these! As I said in my previous post, take as much as possible from the hospital. I took almost 2 packs, and my nurse even offered more. I should have taken her up on the offer, because I underestimated how long I would need these. These are great, because you can wash and reuse them, and are just like the ones from the hospital.

2. PadsThis is another item that your hospital will provide. Again, stock up before going home. You will most likely need some at home though, so make sure you have some back ups. This is an item your partner may not feel comfortable picking up from the store for you. I mean, I barely like buying feminine products for myself!

3. Nursing PadsYour milk will come in what seems like overnight! All of the sudden my boobs were engorged, and leaking everywhere. I’ll never forget the first day it started shooting out all over my baby’s face! It happens quickly, so you will want to have these on hand. And lots of them! I change mine multiple times in a day.

I prefer the disposable ones, because you go through so many in a day. I’m already doing my laundry, and my baby’s laundry almost daily, so I didn’t want to add one more thing to wash. However, there are organic reusable nursing pads.

4. Nursing BrasSpeaking of leaking, you will most likely be wearing a bra ALL THE TIME! That’s right, even when you sleep. Which is why I love these seamless bras. And you will want a few because, well, accidents happen. My baby is a spitter so anytime mom looks like she has it together, my baby takes that opportunity to dirty up my outfit! Needless to say, I wash and change my bras frequently.

I also have not worn a normal bra since having a baby 4 months ago. I love love love this Free People bralette. I wear it every day. It’s super comfortable and cute. And if you need to feed the baby, you can just pull it down. It’s the best!

5. Nipple CreamYup, still on the topic of boobs! Get used to it. Your daily conversations will now revolve around boobs and poop. I refer to myself as the “Tittie Buffet”, because there are times when I question if I should even put my shirt on. My baby is a fantastic eater!

Nipple cream is important for all breastfeeding moms. It will save your nipples. Cracked nipples can lead to bacteria entering the body, so it’s important to take care of your tatas.

6. Postpartum Recovery Wrap: I’ll never forget looking at myself 1 week postpartum, and thinking I still looked 6 months pregnant! It’s a tough pill to swallow. But all moms need some help with the belly area after baby, so wraps are fantastic! This one is very inexpensive, and I have already seen some improvement. The wraps will help you put things back in their place.

If you are okay to spend a little more, my friend loves this postpartum corset! She started wearing it for about 2 hours each day and has seen improvement as well.

You will want to consult with your physician to make sure you can start wearing right away, or if they feel you should wait.

7. Comfortable PantsIn case you didn’t know, you will spend the next couple of weeks after baby, in the house, feeding and changing diapers. So plan on being comfortable. Sure, sweats and pajamas are great! But after a while, I wanted something that made me feel a little more put together. Something I could wear around the house, and if we went for a walk, or if guests stopped by, I didn’t have to change or feel embarrassed about wearing all day. I found these cotton yoga pants with a fold over top to be perfect! Because I had a c-section, I wear them as a high rise pant, and don’t fold them over.

8. Nursing TopsBack to the boobs. If you are nursing, you want easy access to these at all times. Your baby will be eating 8-10 times a day at first. I liked these because they are super soft and cute! You wouldn’t even know they are nursing tops! I also purchased a few of these loose fitting tank tops. I love that I can wear these tanks even after I am done nursing. They are flattering, and give me easy access to the tittie buffet! You will soon realize that your wardrobe will revolve around how quickly you can get to your boobs. Loose fitting shirts, off the shoulder sweaters, and of course, nursing tops, are all great items to stock up on.

9. Silicone StripsThese are for c-section scars, so not necessary if you had a vaginal birth. They help reduce the the scar visibility and were recommended to me by multiple moms. You do need to speak with you physician before using. I was told I can start using them after my scar is healed, which will be six weeks after labor.

I liked the silicone strips, but this gel is AMAZING!! After one use, the purple in my scar went away in areas. I see a difference every day. So worth it!

10. Hands Free Breast Pump BraOnce you start pumping, you will appreciate having your hands! This bra is a must if you are going to pump. The pump is not included. If you have insurance, check with them while at the hospital to see if a breast pump is included in your coverage.

Since I was pumping multiple times in a day and didn’t always want to wear that bra, I also bought this strapless bra, that I could just slip on over what I was wearing.

11. Constipation MedicineRemember your first trimester? If yours was like mine, you needed a pack of Dulcolax on hand. Well, it’s back! When I was in the hospital after labor, everyone was asking about my movements. Your nurses and doctor will ask you if you are passing gas. Awkward! This is just the beginning of the poop conversations you will be having as a mother. Except these ones are not about your precious angel, they are about you. Don’t make yourself uncomfortable, get a pack of Dulcolax. It will be the best thing you have done for yourself after labor. It may take a few days, but that is normal. Your day will come!

12. Help: Take it where you can get it! Even if it’s just a friend that wants to bring you dinner, or a bottle of wine. If a family member offers to come by and let you nap while they watch the baby, or help with laundry; accept the help!

My baby is almost a month old. I am still healing, and haven’t left the house, besides some walks around the neighborhood. It can be hard. I find that showering daily, taking our walks and doing things for myself, has helped with my sanity. You do get a little stir crazy, so take a trip to the store or go get a pedicure. Shoot! If you have it in you, do your hair and make up and cook a nice meal for you and your partner! Like I have said before, don’t forget to take care of yourself.

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