Meet Layla!

Meet Layla. The love of my life. The hungriest human I know. And the youngest and cutest model ever. I wanted to do some newborn photos of her, but didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I had full confidence that I could do them without hiring a professional photographer.

For this photo, I used my Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital Camera. This camera is great for amateur photogs like myself. It is very easy to use, and is less than $500.00.  I find that using natural light is best. I take most of my blog photos in my dining room around 11:00 am, where the light is not too harsh, but just enough not to have to use the flash.

A great background to use for baby photos is a faux sheepskin throw. A fun way to give the photo captions for social media is with a letter board. I simply laid her down on the throw, in this adorable Santa outfit, and snapped some photos from above. I then did some light editing. I use Fotor Photo Editor for Mac. On my phone, I use VSCO or Snapseed. VSCO has some great built in filters. There is a free version, and a low cost version, that will give you plenty of options for easy editing.

A few things that will help to keep baby calm:

*Take photos within a week of baby being born

*Photograph right after feeding so baby is happy or asleep

*Turn up the heat so the baby does not get cold and fussy

*Have everything ready before putting baby in the shot

*Shoot quick!

So, there are some tips for doing your own newborn photos without breaking the bank!

Another way, is to have a friend or relative who is a photographer. Luckily, my mom is an amazing photographer and is willing to work for cuddles with her granddaughter. Kidding! Grandma is always welcome to cuddle and love her grand babies!

The photos turned out so cute! We shot them in less than an hour, and baby Layla was such a good model. She stayed calm the whole time. Thank you mom!!

And just because I love this photo, and the two people in it. Here is my amazingly supportive and helpful husband, (also the best dad ever), and our baby. Photo cred to my mother, Barbara Fletcher.

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