Our Beach Maternity Shoot

When I first found out we were pregnant, I didn’t think we would be the type to do a maternity shoot. When I was getting married, I didn’t have a wedding shower, didn’t have a big Bachelorette weekend, didn’t have a big day of wedding dress shopping. I don’t like all of that attention.

However, as my pregnancy became real, I realized this was a very special time for me and my husband. I wanted to celebrate our child, and celebrate this time in our lives. I just knew that we would regret not doing a maternity shoot.

Luckily, we have a photographer in my family. My mom! That made it an easy decision as well. From what I understand, these shoots can be a little pricey. With that said, I’m sure you can find a good photographer, who is willing to work with you on pricing. I wouldn’t let the price totally discourage you. It will be worth it.

We decided to shoot at Windansea Beach in La Jolla, CA. My husband and I love the beach, so it made perfect sense. I also love shoots that are more rustic, amongst the trees. Pick a location that makes sense to you.

I purchased a dress online from Sew Trendy. I chose white, even though I knew it made me look bigger! I was a little worried about my choice, but it worked with the beach scenery. A dark color would have just looked wrong for our shoot. I was 36 weeks pregnant, so my belly was quite large. They suggest shooting between your 32-35 week mark. You definitely want the belly to pop, but you don’t want to be at a point where you are not feeling well.

I wore the flower crown that I made, and did my own hair and make up. My husband and I were both barefoot, keeping it somewhat casual. Before the shoot, I sent my mom inspiration shots from other beach maternity shoots I found online. We knew what poses we wanted, so the entire shoot only took about an hour.


People always say that pregnancy is beautiful. Well, any woman who has been pregnant knows this isn’t always the case. There is sickness, and pains you experience. Your clothes don’t fit. You feel bloated, and not yourself. But you know what, these people are right. Pregnancy is beautiful. You don’t always feel it, but there are times you do. For me, seeing these photos was one of those times. I saw what other people saw. The happiness that is pouring out of these photos, is what makes pregnancy beautiful.

Big shout out to my awesome mother! She was able to capture the joy and love that we are feeling at this time. The photos turned out better than I ever could have expected. We will be able to look at these photos for years to come, and reminisce about this special time in our lives.

So if you are having any hesitation on whether or not you want to do a maternity shoot, just do it. Even if it is a friend snapping some photos with their I phone. Put on a pretty dress, and doll yourself up a little. A woman carrying a child is a beautiful thing.

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