What’s In My Hospital Bag

I am so ready for this baby to come! But I still need to pack my hospital bag. So, what do I do put in this bag? I have read multiple blogs, talked to all of my mom friends, and have come up with a solid bag plan. Hopefully my research will simplify your packing, because this should be pretty simple compared to all of the other things on the baby to-do list.

First things first. What bag will I use? You only need a small overnight bag. Think of this as a weekend getaway. For this getaway, the hospital is going to be supplying you with a lot of what you will need for these few days. I am using my new Kate Spade diaper bag because it’s a good size, with lots of pockets, and I have been dying to use it!! Ok, here is my list;

  1. Toiletries: Shampoo, conditioner, face wash, lotion, tooth brush, toothpaste, chapstick, hair clip and hair things, and hairbrush.

*Many women may want to bring make up for photos, but I am opting out. Any photos taken will be for my family and I only. I don’t want to share these sacred moments with the world, and if I do, who cares what I look like?! I birthed a human! However, many hospitals will come in to take photos, so you may want to bring a few makeup items to make you feel pretty for these moments captured. I just know I’m going to be so tired and out of it, that I won’t care what I look like. 

If you wear contacts; bring your case and glasses. Labor can last a long time, and your contacts will be uncomfortable so you will want your glasses.

  1. Pajamas and Robe: You may want to consider bringing your own pajamas, but ones that you don’t care about getting ruined. Labor is messy and you will be leaking fluids afterwards. Some people stay in their hospital gown the whole time, and only bring a going home outfit.

Bringing a light weight robe is nice in case you leave the room, or just to make you feel more at home.

  1. Socks: The room can get a little cold, so you want some nice comfy socks. Slipper socks are great because they have traction on the bottom. The nurses will recommend that you walk around, if possible, so these socks are perfect for strolling the halls.
  2. Going Home Clothes For You And Baby:For you; Think comfortable and cute. Whether you are having a cesarian or vaginal birth, you want something comfortable to go home in. You probably don’t want any pants that are tight on your stomach. I’m bringing these comfortable lounge pants with a loose fitting top.

*Your body will not bounce back immediately, so your maternity clothes still may fit. Don’t get discouraged though! I heard, and have seen the proof, of what breast feeding can do for your body. It takes about 500 calories a day to produce breast milk.

For Baby; This may be a photo op for many families, so think about that when packing. Also, you may want to bring newborn size and also 3-6 month size. You never know how big your baby is going to be! The number the doctors tell you is just a guess. It’s winter right now (well “Winter” in San Diego), so I am packing footie pajamas (with zippers, not buttons. Zippers will be your friend for diaper changes, buttons will be your enemy), with a matching cap.

*Do not pack one of these sleep gowns. These are great for sleeping at home, and make diaper changes a breeze! However, you cannot use these with a car seat because the baby’s feet are together. But do order some for home. 

  1. Swaddle: The hospital will have swaddles, but it’s nice to bring your own.
  2. Nursing Bra: These are great because you can sleep in them as well. Let’s face it, I probably will only put it on if my family is coming by.

You may want to bring your nursing pillow and nursing cover up as well. 

  1. Towels: The hospital will provide towels for showering, but they are small and not that fluffy. This isn’t a hotel. You may want to bring your own.
  2. Pillow: Just like a robe, this will help you feel more at home.
  3. MassagerI have this hand held massager that I am bringing to put my husband to work. Live it up ladies!
  4. Change For Vending Machine: Your hospital will most likely have a vending machine. You will be provided meals from the hospital, but you may want snacks also.

Plan on bringing some healthy snacks for your partner. You may be in labor for over 24 hours, snacks will keep your partner by your side instead of running to the cafeteria.

  1. Camera: Charge your camera (or phone) ahead of time. These are moments you will want to capture, even if it’s just for you. I’m bringing my Polaroid and Canon! I’m going to be so out of it, I don’t want to forget these moments.

Make sure to pack your phone and camera chargers!

  1. Music: I’m bringing my headphones to plug into my phone, but my room also has a TV…with Bravo, so I should be entertained for a few days.
  2. Reading Material: You will be at the hospital for 2-4 days, and all you do is lay in bed. I’m bringing What To Expect The First Year and maybe some US Magazines.

You may feel some anxiety about bringing baby home without the help of your wonderful nurses. This book goes over everything and can help relieve some of that stress. 

You may also want to bring your Ipad.

  1. Installed Car Seat: This is very important!! Learn how to use your car seat, and have it installed. Legally, the hospital cannot assist with this. Once you are released from the hospital, you are on your own. So don’t show up with the car seat still in the box! Prepare ahead of time and make sure you and your partner are comfortable with it.

For your partner, they will have a similar list, minus the nursing bra. A couple comfortable outfits, pillow, towel, snacks, and toiletries should be good.

One last important thing; Take home all that you can from the hospital! They have diapers, pads (you will be leaking, so pads are necessary) and the super sexy disposable underwear. I hear that the underwear is the best! When you get in the room, pack up your bag with all of it, and ask for more. Everyone does it, the nurses are used to it. Take it all!

Feeling more prepared? If you forget anything, I’m sure a friend or family member can bring it by. Don’t stress if you forget your eyelash curler, or your nursing bra, be present in this moment.

Ahhh!! I can’t wait! Let’s do this!

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