DIY Seashell Tree Topper

I spent my Black Friday crafting! A quick and fun idea I had, was to make my own tree topper. You guessed it, tropical themed! I saw these fun seashell tree toppers at a local fair over the weekend, and realized they were pretty simple to make. So, I went to Hobby Lobby and got a sea shell and spray paint, and tried to make one myself. It turned out great!

Starfish is the obvious choice for a shell, but feel free to be different! I want to try and find a larger one, but for now, the one I chose will work. I decided to spray paint it gold with sparkles, but you can really pick any color to your liking. You can even paint it a few different colors.

You will also need some sort of bendable wire and a stick to hold it up.


For the shape of the wire, I wrapped around a water bottle, but you can use any cone shape object you have.


I then glued the wire rod that I had to the inside of the wire, and to the back of the starfish. For the wire rod, you could use a clothes hanger or a pencil, or anything that will hold the shell up right.


Hold it in place to secure the glue, and you are all done! It cost me about $11 and took me about 15 minutes from start to finish. You can add more detail or leave it simple, as I did. Happy Holidays!

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