DIY Flower Crown

Another basic post coming your way! But come on, who doesn’t feel beautiful in a flower crown!? I have always felt like I am a little bit of a hippy. So instead of looking at my flower crown as just another millennial at Coachella, think of it as your modern day hippy look.

Let’s start with the tough questions. Fresh flowers or fake? Fresh flowers are beautiful, but can be hard to work with, and very expensive! It may be best to let the professionals handle the fresh flower crowns.

I made my flower crown for my maternity shoot, and a brunch that some friends are throwing us……to celebrate our baby girl! Arriving in 6 weeks! Ahhh!

Because I want to use the crown for multiple occasions, I chose to use fake flowers and make ahead of time. I found these hard paper flowers, that look very real!

Much more real than the polyester ones they have at every craft store. Although polyester flowers will look great for photoshoots, so you can definitely use those. These yellow flowers will be the main focal point, so now I need to choose some accent flowers. I chose some wispy flowers to place around the whole crown, and kind of peak out occasionally.  My final touch, was to add some sea shells as a fun surprise!


All tutorials will tell you to use flower wire to create the crown. I found this great wire that is lined in a natural fiber. I liked this wire, because even if it shows a little, it goes with the esthetic of my crown.


To start, I took this wire and wrapped around my head to measure. I then cut 2 pieces that length, and braided them together.

I want to tie the ends with ribbon. This way it is adjustable, and looks pretty from the back, (which we all strive for, right?!). Bad joke?


I cut 2 long pieces of ribbon. I wanted it long so that I could tie in a pretty bow, and let the ends hang beautifully. I then wrapped the ribbon around a few times, putting a small drop of glue from a hot glue gun, to secure. I put about 2 drops of glue, and wrapped around until it felt secure. Hold in place for a few seconds for the glue to dry. Do this on each side.

Now I am going to lay my base. I am using the wispy flowers and the leaves as the base. I took the leaves off of the flower and laid separately. When I tried to lay together, you could see the wire stem, which I just didn’t like.

I played around with the placement first, before gluing into place. I only put a tiny amount of glue on the end of each flower or leaf, in an attempt to make it look as natural as possible. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you want the flowers to move and bend.


I started on one side, and laid the flowers pointing towards the center of the crown, attempting to cover the wire. But remember, with this wire, it is ok if some showed, so don’t worry too much. Once I got to the center, I started working on the other side. Laying the flowers pointing towards the center, just as I had done on the previous side.


Now the hard part is over! Yup, that was the most difficult step in the process. Easy right?!

I placed the crown on my head and laid out where I wanted to lay my flowers. Since I only chose to use one type of flower, I knew I wanted them laid in the center. I took the flowers off the stem and placed a small amount of glue on the end and laid on the crown. Hold the flower in position for about a minute, until the glue dries. Do this for each flower, until finished!


You may have chosen a variety of flowers. You may want them off to one side. So all of this is personal preference. Try googling different images to get an idea of what you are looking for.


Last but not least, I simply glued a few sea shells on the sides. It wasn’t necessary, but adds a fun little touch. Kind of like when you realize a dress you are trying on has pockets…sold!


This whole process took me about an hour to complete. Most of which was just deciding how I wanted each flower laid before I glued down. It cost me about $20, maybe less. I was able to create a unique crown that perfectly fits my esthetic. And had fun doing so!

This is a great activity to do with your girl friends….with a bottle of wine obviously!

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