My Tropical Themed Baby Shower

When I found out we were having a girl, my mind immediately went to flamingos! I mean, there was also joy, hugging, calling the family….but then flamingos, flamingos everywhere! They are pink, graceful, elegant and just interesting creatures. I knew her nursery theme would involve flamingos, and so of course, my baby shower would too!

First, the invitations. The invitation should set the tone for what your shower theme is. Vistaprint has some great designs, and is reasonably priced. I was able to find the perfect flamingo invitation!

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 8.07.20 AMScreen Shot 2017-09-23 at 8.07.39 AM

I used Amazon for my registry, for a few reasons.

  1. I love Amazon. They are at my house every other day!
  2. Amazon creates a list of what each person has purchased for you, along with and an address; making Thank You cards a breeze!
  3. Most people have an amazon account, and may even have Prime, which offers free shipping!

A fun idea I copied from my friend,  was to ask people to bring a baby book in lieu of a card. I love this idea! It’s fun to see what everyone’s favorite book is. You and your guest get to reminisce about books you used to read as a child. Our baby has so many great books already.

The invitation also gives your guest an idea of how to dress for the shower. I chose a maternity dress from ASOS. This site has a great variety, and is inexpensive. You can’t tell from this photo, but the print is the tropical flower, Birds of Paradise…fun!

IMG_0315 (1)

My sister and my mother threw me the shower, so I left everything else up to them. I didn’t want to make it a big deal, or too much work for them, especially because at this point my sister is 8 months pregnant!

*Side bar:I highly recommend being pregnant at the same time as your sister or friend. You can laugh at the funny moments (gas and hormones), hard times (gas and hormones) and share advice from your own experiences.

The decor was simple, fun, girly and elegant. The flamingo theme was on everything! The plates, napkins and cups, along with little flamingo rubber ducks, and flamingo straws! There was even a photo of a flamingo in the background!-Just kidding, that photo is always up at my mother’s house. Seems we all love this beautiful animal.IMG_0228

For the food, we chose to offer finger foods and appetizers as appose to a full meal. We wanted to keep it casual, so guest could pour their own wine, grab some snacks and just mingle. We had fruit salad, a cheese plate, salad, bagels with lox and cream cheese, and lots of wine! We also had a strawberry lemonade for the kids and the pregnant women.

Yes, we did have a few kids at the shower. Which I never really thought about until my guest were asking if it was okay to bring their kids. Just like a wedding, this is entirely up to you and the person hosting the shower. In my opinion, kids make everything more fun!

Now lets not forget about the games! You know, the fun ones like; smashing chocolate bars in a diaper. Your guests then have to smell and taste, what looks to be poop, in order to guess what chocolate bar it is. Or have your guest estimate how big your stomach is; what girl doesn’t like to be stared at as other women yell out very large numbers in reference to the size of you stomach?! Needless, to say I did not have any games. But! We did have a wine raffle. As each guest came in, they received a raffle ticket. We had three bottles of nice wine, that were raffled off during the gift opening portion.

A shower is not complete without the awkward moment when everyone circles around you, and watches you open gifts. Make sure you have someone to write down which gift is from who, for your thank you cards. Also, make sure you have another person to hand you gifts. Let’s face it, it’s not easy, or graceful, attempting to bend over with a beach ball as a stomach. No one wants to watch you struggle, so even if you don’t assign someone, there will be a volunteer quickly.

My shower was from 12-3, which I found to be a great time for everyone. Not too early, not too long, just enough time for people to mingle, snack and get a nice day buzz on! I mean, I may not be able to drink but I love filling up my friends glasses! Which brings me to my last point….don’t shy away from serving alcohol at your shower. You don’t need to have a full bar, but every party should have at least have wine, right?!

Enjoy your day, take lots of photos, and cherish this time that it is all about you. Soon enough that baby will be here, and will consume everyone’s attention. And rightfully so!

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