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You find out you are pregnant. You don’t know how you are going to feel. Everyone around you starts telling you their horror stories about their own pregnancy, or their cousin’s pregnancy, and now you are freaking out!

Well, the first trimester may be rough, mostly because you are still adjusting mentally and physically to this change. The second trimester tends be the easiest, and then the third leg is just about as fun as the first. Day to day, hour to hour, your symptoms will change. Luckily, there are things that will help!

This post contains affiliate links. Which means that I get a small percentage of items that are purchased. However, I only suggest products I have used or have been recommended. I would not suggest something I do not stand behind. 

Things I never leave home without:

Prenatal Vitamins

Regular Strength Tylenol



Water Bottle

1. Prenatal vitamins are extremely important for the development of your baby! My doctor said that they are all pretty much made the same, and you can find them in most drug stores, and even Trader Joe’s. You want to make sure to take daily, and after a meal. They can make you nauseous if taken on an empty stomach…I learned this the hard way.

2. I had headaches immediately. They were dull, but very annoying. I wasn’t taking anything in the beginning because I didn’t know if I could, and I was an all natural mama! That lasted about a month, then I called my doctor. She said it is safe to take Regular Strength Tylenol. Very important that you do not take extra strength. The main ingredient in Tylenol is Acetaminophen, which has been long viewed as safe during pregnancy.

3. Tums….the answer to the dreaded heartburn. This may not happen for you until later in your pregnancy. Mine happened when I ate certain foods; spicy and acidic foods, chocolate, foods high in fat.…all the fun stuff! In my third trimester it happened no matter what I ate and it became so bad I couldn’t sleep at night. My doctor suggested that I take Pepcid AC once daily. This helped, but I also had my Tums on me to help throughout the day when I just couldn’t resist that pizza craving. Baby wants pizza!

4. Tissues…for what you may be asking. Well no one really talks about this fun symptom. Bugars, and lots of them. Due to the all too familiar word hormones, your mucus production is on overload and you will experience a lot of friends partying in your nose. Even worse….they may be hard and bloody…..gross!! But don’t worry, this is normal. Just carry some tissues for relief throughout the day.

5. A good travel water bottle is perfect for moms to be. You have to drink so much water! And yes, that means you will also be in the bathroom….like a lot. But it’s worth it. Water will help with the swelling, which will start to happen in the second trimester. Helps with digestion, and constipation, which is discussed below. Helps with leg cramps….you don’t want to experience these, so drink up! Plus your baby needs water. So keep water with you always to ensure you are drinking enough. Your doctor will let you know about how much is needed, but every woman is different. Is your pee yellow? Like really yellow? Drink more water…you want your urine to be basically clear.

*Contigo is a great travel mug! It keeps cold items cold and hot items hot for over 8 hours! I have one for my water, and one for my coffee and tea!

You can leave these items at home….unless you have a very large purse

6. Stretch Mark Lotion is essential! Word around town is that stretch marks are hereditary, (thanks mom). But I don’t know one woman that isn’t going to do everything she can to prevent them, or at least try to reduce the appearance. There are many products out there, but Palmer’s is affordable, and has been working well for me! Use the lotion anywhere stretch marks may appear, (tummy and side, thighs, and booty), twice a day or more. At night I would double up and use the Vitamin E Oil and the lotion! Better safe than sorry.

7. Pregnancy PillowYou won’t need this until your second trimester. Around 20 weeks you are not supposed to lie flat on your back. Laying on your back constricts the blood flow to you and your baby. Sleeping on your side is really your only option, which is why the pillow is great! It’s not the magic cure for a good night’s sleep…those do not exist anymore. But it will help! If you are a stomach sleeper, there is this a very fun Bump Pillow.

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 10.09.56 AM.png

This product is also great for massages! Maybe your partner will buy it for you…eh hem.

Fun fact: Sleeping on your left side is recommended. It increases the blood flow and nutrients that lead to your baby and your placenta. Bend your legs and wrap around the pillow for ultimate comfort and relief! Sweet dreams….(we all know this is a joke-I was an accessory in a murder in my dream last week!)

8. ColaceThat constipation I referred to in #5….well let’s talk about it. It will happen. It sucks. It’s embarrassing. Try to up your fiber intake. I would eat Trader Joe’s Fruit Wraps every day! In my first trimester, I also had to take Colace though. After the first trimester, it seemed to get better for me, so I stopped taking the Colace. I wasn’t cured though. One thing that also really helped with this was the Squatty Potty! The what?! Oh please, like you have never seen the commercial…

All jokes aside, this is an amazing product that every household should own. I can’t believe we have been doing it wrong this entire time! #gamechanger . I even own the mug.

IMG_0028 (1)

(I was not paid for this advertisement….I am just a huge fan!)

9. Last but not least…..Wine Fridge!!! I am well aware that we cannot partake in this glorious grape juice while pregnant. Which is why this is the perfect time to build up your wine collection! My wise older sister taught me this trick. It’s perfect. Go to BevMo when they have the $0.05 sale (if you don’t know what this is….then you have been doing it wrong), and buy some nice bottles for yourself. Something nicer than your everyday drinking wine; some Ferrari Carano, Cline, Gen 5…load it up girl, you deserve only the best! After long 9 months, that fridge is going to be second prettiest thing in your house. Your baby is #1….duh!

*Vinotemp is a great wine fridge, and is affordable. My whole family has one! You could say we like wine…..

I hope I did not scare you. These are all minor side effects, that you can get through. We push a human out of us….we can get through a little constipation and heartburn for nine months! These products will just help to make this time a little more enjoyable. Don’t loose sight of why we are going through this ladies. This should be a happy time, so cherish it!

**Please consult with your physician before taking any medicine.

I am about as qualified as google, probably less actually.

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  1. I love this Lauren, you are an awesome writer! Took me back to when I was reading Jenny McCarthy while prego. 👍🏻


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