Pregnancy Wardrobe Essentials

I’m just going to come right out with it. Your body is going to change. But just because you may not feel your best, you always want to look and feel your best. Here are some fashion tips from my experience.

I wasn’t too worried about my weight gain during pregnancy. In my idealistic mind, I was going to look like those girls you see on Instagram, with toned arms, abs, legs and a cute belly. Then reality hit. I am actually not as thin as I used to be in my early 20’s, and as much as I enjoy working out, I love carbs more.

I wanted to believe that the only thing that would grow on my body was by belly, and hopefully (pretty please!) my breast. I was wrong. I was starving and tired in the first trimester, so I was eating a lot and not working out. My clothes started to get tighter almost immediately. My first purchase were pant extenders. These work great for the first trimester! Some of my pants have buttons, some have hooks, so the variety pack is a great value! If you only need extenders for buttons, these also work well and are very inexpensive.

As your belly starts to grow, you may find that you do not like wearing pants. When you sit, you feel the pressure on your belly, and where I live it was just too hot. Dresses became my go to. At first you may find that loose fitting dresses work well, especially since you may still be hiding this secret from people.

As my belly started to look like an actual pregnant bump, and not the result of too many cheeseburgers (between you and I, it was probably a combination of both. Baby wanted red meat!), I gravitated toward form fitting dresses. My philosophy is, show that belly girl! When I was wearing loose clothing, I felt frumpy. When I wore dresses that fit to my body, I felt good! So I bought a few maternity dresses and some stretchy dresses that I plan to wear after baby.

Floral seems to be everywhere these days, and I am not complaining! This fitted floral dress is perfect for work, play and maybe even a wedding! This shoulder cut out dress is sexy, and sophisticated. Try to buy versatile items that aren’t going to break the bank. You are only going to wear these a few times, so no need to go crazy and buy everything, just some essentials.

I also invested in some jean shorts. Depending on the time of year, and where you live, a pair of shorts or jeans is pretty much necessary. There are two types; the side elastic, or the over the belly band. I loved these side elastic jean shorts! They are very comfortable, and because it is so hot right now, I preferred these more than the over the belly shorts, but it’s really all about your preference. Try both! If you want to splurge a little, Joe’s Jeans has some really cute shorts! Paige brand has some really adorable jeans. If you are looking for something more reasonably priced, try Motherhood brand jeans.

I was resistant to buying shirts because, again, I really didn’t think I was going to get that big. I looked at all the flowy tops in my closet, and thought that I would be fine! Your shape changes in a way where normal clothes will eventually not be comfortable, even if you can fit it over that growing belly of yours. I urge you to get a few maternity tops. The ruching on the side really makes it comfortable for you to grow in. As you inch towards the finish line, you will see that you are growing every day! You want clothes that will stretch with you, (not a pretty picture I just painted, sorry).

Last but not least; undergarments. You are most likely going to need a larger bra. I waited until the second trimester, when my nipples were about to make a guest appearance in every shirt I wore. Don’t wait, your boobs are going to grow. Plan on going at least one size up. And now for the most painful part….your butt is going to get bigger. Don’t shoot the messenger! But please do buy some comfortable underwear. These under the bump panties are super comfy!! BTW, I hate the word panties! It’s kind of like “moist”….chills. But that is what they are called, so there you go, panties, buy some.

The most important thing is to make sure you are comfortable. Being pregnant can already be uncomfortable, so spend a little money to make your self not only look good, but feel good. Happy shopping!

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